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Mike and Annemarie Gallagher have been in the accommodation industry since May 2011, and are currently owner-operators of Arista of Rotorua and Arista Capri, with help from an awesome team of management and staff.

Over the past few years we have heard time and again from guests checking out, that they feel like they are not done with exploring Rotorua. Many guests simply don’t realise how much there is to do here in our beautiful district; so with this in mind we came up with a solution to get that message out there, “So much to see, so little time”.

So the team here put their thinking caps on and came up a website solution which lists some of the top 10 tourist attractions to do while offering discounts for attractions, accommodation and shopping, while including some great local information.

How the Website Works?

The concept behind the website is that the user can use the Free Shopping Cart to select free coupons and then email these to themselves. The coupons have really useful information such as locations of the activity, local tips, accomodation star ratings and estimated time frames to complete the activity. This includes the free stuff as well!

By using the coupons, you can plan your stay in Rotorua and save $$ . 

What Are the Advantages of Using Our Coupons?

  • Utilising the Discounts Coupons mean you save dollars exploring Rotorua.
  • Booking Accomodation direct by using coupons means you get a value add or a discount, not offered by other online booking websites. Cancellation policies tend to be more flexible, better rates, better rooms.These coupons are not offered on any other booking site.
  • Downloading the coupons offers interesting local information, time frames and discounts.
  • Booking locally means the funds stay in the local economy. No off shore conglomerates taking funds off shore. It means we can make Rotorua a better place for the next visitor.
  • Remember to plan well, there is a lot of stuff to do here. 

So take advantage of the website by selecting your coupons before coming to Rotorua. Use the coupons as an itinerary builder to plan your stay.

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 Good luck and enjoy our beautiful district!

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   Mike and Annemarie Gallagher

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