About Us

Mike and Annemarie Gallagher own the Arista Group of motels. Arista of Rotorua and Arista Capri

We have been frustrated over the years with guests leaving the Accommodation establishments feeling like they are not done with Rotorua. Many guests arrive to Rotorua and simply don’t realise how much there is to do here in our beautiful district, so our challenge is “How can we get that message out there”?

One or two days is simply not enough time for Rotorua. So, the team here put their thinking caps on and came up a website solution which lists some of the main tourist attractions while offering “Discounts” and “Value add” coupons for Attractions, Accommodation and Eateries.

Visiting a tourist destination can be expensive so we have included some great local free activities including local tips to help stretch out that budget.

Please take advantage of the website and select your discount vouchers before coming to Rotorua.

We have included time frame indicators, so you can use this system as a itinerary builder.

Good luck and enjoy Rotorua.

Its Rotorua – Go hard!!

Mike and Annemarie Gallagher