How it Works

Searching and Selection of Coupons

•    Rotrua Tourist Attractions have been conveniently categorised displaying great information on what there is to see and do in Rotorua
•    The Website has a FREE shopping cart to collect your coupons
•    Search by the category that you are interested in
•    A list of products will be listed
•    Select “Details” on the product to learn more about it. Or "Add to Cart”.
•    If you have selected "Details" you have the option of adding “to "My Cart” or going back to search again
•    When you add the coupons to “My Cart” take note of the time frames. These are product indications of required time frames to complete the Attraction. 
•    When you are ready to receive the coupons for your “value-add” or “discount” offer, enter your name, email address, approximate time you would like to use these, and the country where you’re from.
•    Select "Terms and Agreements". 
•    The Coupons will be emailed to you ready for printing.

What’s on the Coupon?

•    Your name and the validation date of Coupon
•    Product description and a local tip – these provide great information for the free things to do in our district
•    The following Supplier's information so you can reach out and make contact:

 -  Website address
 -  Email address
 -  Phone number
 -  Address
 -  Map

Terms and Agreements

•    By selecting the terms and agreements you agree that some Attractions may contact you, to thank you for downloading the coupon and to give you more information about their product.
•    For some products we recommend booking in advance using the coupon ID; some of the busier products are: Canopy Tours, Whitewater Rafting, Helicopters, Maori Culture Evening Shows. 
•    Remember to quote your Coupon ID to obtain your “value-add” or “discount” offer when you contact the Tourist Attraction direct via email or phone, and take the hard copy on the day for presentation.
•    For some attractions you can simply turn up with coupon and present this on the day.


•    Coupons are a great way of helping you plan your stay in Rotorua
•    Once downloaded and printed, it's your choice whether to use the coupons or not, but by printing them out, you have the information on hand.

Please note no payment is required for downloaded coupons.