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Rotorua Tourist Guide

As locals we love living here in Rotorua. We have such a vast array of beautiful lakes, endless nature walking tracks, thermal wonders and a long list of activities to explore. As I have told many of our guests, our longest guest-extended-stay was eight days. This was a lovely couple from Melbourne with a teenage daughter, who came for one night and we kept them busy for 8 days. Using Rotorua as a base they did a few day trips to the likes of Taupo and Whakatane, but spent most their time in Rotorua.

We are lucky to be surrounded by a fantastic tourism sector that works well with each other and is very good at keeping visitors entertained and busy. They are all customer focussed and strive to ensure visitors are left with a lasting impression upon leaving that they are departing from awesomeness. Because of this Rotorua is fastly becoming the Number One Tourist Destination in New Zealand.

Rotorua is located in the centre of the North Island, and is well served to act as a base for launching trips to other townships such as Taupo, Whakatane, Tauranga and Matamata with only approximately an hour's drive to each of these locations. One or two days is simply not enough time in Rotorua! In our opinion, Rotorua is the tourism capital of New Zealand. No other location in New Zealand has more tourist activities in one place than Rotorua. From thermal volcanic terrains encompassing many of the 18 local lakes and beautiful nature, to experiencing local indigenous Maori culture and adrenaline-stacked adventure activities. Rotorua certainly guarantees the offer of a unique New Zealand experience wherever your interest may lie.

Remember to plan well, there is a lot of stuff to do here. Try and use local knowledge where you can, there are some really awesome hidden gems in our district.

“So much to see, so little time” 

"Ohinemutu - St Faiths Church"