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Best Places to stay in Rotorua


Travelling on a Budget: The Best Places to Stay in Rotorua

Searching for the best places to stay on a budget? Look no further. As an industry provider, Rotorua Tourist Attractions has the expertise to provide you with the best Rotorua deals NZ providers can offer.

Book Directly with the Provider to Secure Rotorua Accommodation Deals

Securing the best Rotorua accommodation deals starts with a simple method—booking directly with the provider. It always amazes me how people will search the internet for all the discount hotel deals in Rotorua when most properties can afford to give you a discount simply by booking directly with them. Those 3rd party websites owned by the giant offshore conglomerates charge the honest Mum & Dad property owners a hefty 15% minimum commission from each booking. As you can imagine, these days, with a little computer in everyone's pocket, most of the bookings are done online, so their commission revenue quickly adds up. They make it so easy! Book now, pay later! Easy cancellation, right? Until you need to get hold of someone!

You’ll finally find yourself battling through a farm of virtual servers; they make that part hard on purpose. Inevitably, you end up simply ringing the property and hoping they will sort it out for you. Knowing now that the property is already at a 15% loss if you choose to book online, ring them and ask how they would prefer you to book. Most properties instantly offer a discount as a reward for your direct customers. For the others that do not? Well, a well-mannered reminder of the commission saving should do the trick. I also find properties can be much more flexible with their cancellation policies when things do need to change, and often upgrade the direct bookers before others because thoughtful people book direct, so why not encourage that behaviour?

Look for Rotorua Hotel Deal Packages

Another way of saving money on accommodation when you are trying to budget your Rotorua hotel deals is to stay at a place that gives you, say, the 4th night for free or an all-inclusive breakfast option. You can get some pretty good Rotorua hotel deal packages, like kids stay free and/or free breakfast for kids when accompanied by at least 1 paying adult. Now that’s a pretty good tip to know.

Some of our Rotorua accommodation deal packages available here on the Rotorua Tourist Attractions website are great for mid-week stays or free entries into some attractions. Have a look! Just click on the accommodation search tab and see what you can find. Book a room with a refrigerator/microwave or kitchen area. Although some people might not like to cook while on holiday, I don’t mind making breakfast in my room. A microwave and fridge will also help reheat leftovers or prepared meals from the supermarket.

Make the most of Your Stay with Free Rotorua Activities

Look for free Rotorua experiences to make the most of your stay. If you do a little research, you will see there are often lots of free activities in Rotorua and all around the region. Rotorua Tourist Attractions not only provides amazing hotel deals, but we also offer a huge range of discounted Rotorua activities!

Another awesome thing about Rotorua Tourist Attractions is that you can prepay over the time leading up to your travel dates, so this helps with budgeting and often finding the best possible price. On the free section of the website, you can find hidden gems in the district and discover free Rotorua activities that you never would find if you weren’t looking for free or low-cost Rotorua deals. If you need some assistance in securing the best Rotorua New Zealand accommodation deals, you can contact us for more information. Thank you for supporting Rotorua Tourist Attractions, and we will see you when you get here.


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