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1. Website

1.1 - Tourist Attractions.NZ Limited trading as RTA operates the Website and is an agent to the Merchants found on the Website. The Website is a platform used for showcasing goods and services for Customers to purchase in the form of a Voucher. The deals and offers on display are created, promoted and fulfilled by the Merchants, but the collection of payments for each purchase of a good or service by a Customer will be coordinated by RTA.

1.2 - The Merchant is responsible for setting prices and promoting their own products on the Website.

1.3 - You agree to accept communications from RTA on future deals and promotional material. You can opt out of these communications by selecting the unsubscribe link when this reaches your electronic mailbox.


2.1 - Once a Voucher has been purchased this is deemed as a fair trade and no refunds or exchanges will be given except when required by law.

2.2 - Vouchers are redeemable as advertised by the Merchant on the Website and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Merchant, whether these are displayed on the Website.

2.3 - RTA or the Merchant cannot be responsible for lost, deleted, unused, damaged or stolen Vouchers. The Voucher is your sole responsibility. Upon purchase, an electronic copy of the Voucher will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer. The Voucher will constitute proof of purchase.

2.4 - Vouchers can be gifted to or used by a person who is not the Customer. In such cases these terms will apply to the user of the Voucher from the time at which it is redeemed.

2.5 - Vouchers can not be combined with any other offers, vouchers, or promotions unless this has been specifically agreed to by the Merchant. Vouchers can only be used once and must be used in full (for example, no part of the voucher can be carried over to another day, time, or user).

2.6 - Vouchers have an Expiry Date and it is at the full discretion of the Merchant to agree to an extension if a request for this is made by a Customer.

2.7 - The reproduction, sale or trade of any Voucher is prohibited unless this has been approved by the Merchant and is in compliance with the law.

2.8 - Any attempt to redeem the Voucher not in accordance with these Terms will render the Voucher as null and void.

2.9 - Details relating to a purchased Voucher will be sent to the email address entered by the Customer at the time of purchase. If required, Customers are able to request GST invoices from RTA relating to the purchase price of the Voucher by contacting (Please note that any booking or transaction fees are zero-rated for GST purposes and will not be included.)

3.IP “Intellectual Property”

3.1 - You acknowledge that the Website and any content on it is RTA’s and/or the Merchant’s exclusive property, or is used with the express permission of the copyright and/or trademark owner. No content may be reproduced, published, or transmitted without prior written consent from RTA or the Merchant. Copyright, trademark (whether registered or unregistered), or other intellectual property right infringement may result in legal action.

3.2 - 'Rotorua Tourist Attractions’ and ‘RTA)' are our trademarks. All rights in these trademarks are expressly reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all other trademarks appearing on the Website are the property of their respective owners and may not be used by you without obtaining the owner’s permission.

4.Website Content and security

4.1 - You will use the Website in good faith.

4.2 - You will not copy / paste / post any information from or onto the website that:

  • (a)is or is reasonably likely to be defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, upsetting, obscene, or that we may advise
  • from time to time that we reasonably consider to be in any way objectionable or unsuitable;
  • (b)is or is reasonably likely to be unsuitable for users under the age of 18 years;
  • (c)infringes the intellectual property rights of any person;
  • (d)you know or suspect is false or misleading;
  • (e)contains any virus or other destructive component;
  • (f)is prohibited by or violates any applicable law or regulation;
  • (g)defames, abuses, harasses, stalks, threatens, breaches the confidence of or otherwise violates the legal rights
  • (including, without limitation, privacy rights) of others; or
  • (h)otherwise breaches the Terms.

5.Third Party Content and Communication

5.1 - RTA is an agent and in terms of third-party content listed on the Website you acknowledge that we have not independently verified and take no responsibility for this information.

5.2 - We are also not responsible for any communication between you and the Merchant and / or third parties as a result of your use of the Website.

5.3 - You acknowledge that you will use third-party content at your own risk. We make no warranties that the Website will operate uninterrupted or be error free.

6.Changes to the Terms and Conditions

6.1 - We have the right to add / edit / delete content on the Website without notification.

6.2 - We have the right to add / edit / delete these Terms as we see fit. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions from time to time if you are a regular user.


7.1 - The Website may include links to other websites not owned by us. If you choose to leave our site you will be subject to the terms of the website you have visited. Any links do not necessarily mean that we endorse those particular sites or the products and/or services that they are promoting or selling.


8.1 - RTA is not liable for any loss, indirect loss, damage, death or injury resulting from use or purchase of a Voucher by the Customer.

8.2 - You agree to indemnify and hold us and our officers and employees harmless from any claims, actions, costs (including legal costs) or losses by us or any third party due to or arising out of any guarantee or actions performed, advertised or omitted by any Merchant.

8.3 - We may cease operation of the Website at our sole discretion at any time.

8.4 - If you have any questions or concerns regarding liability, please email us in the first instance at


9.1 - Customers agree to advise RTA of any complaints relating to the Website by emailing in the first instance.

9.2 - Customers may contact RTA or the Merchant in the first instance in relation to any complaints relating to a Voucher or its use.

9.3 - RTA will endeavour to resolve complaints directly as soon as practicable.


10.1 - In the event that a provision of these Terms is found to be unlawful, conflicting with another provision of the Terms, or otherwise unenforceable, these Terms will remain in force as though they had been entered into without the unenforceable provision being included.

10.2 - If two or more provisions of these Terms are deemed to conflict with each other's operation, RTA will elect which provisions remains in force.

11.Governing Law and Jurisdiction

11.1 - These Terms shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.

11.2 - Any dispute arising between the parties in connection with this Agreement shall be dealt with in the jurisdiction of New Zealand.

Frequently asked questions.

Deal FAQ

We set out below the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive about deals featured on the Rotorua Tourist Attraction website. Unless stated otherwise in The Fine Print section of the specific deal, these answers apply to all Rotorua Tourist Attraction deals.

How long do I have to wait to use my Rotorua Tourist Attraction Coupon once I've purchased it?

Generally, you can use most Rotorua Tourist Attraction Vouchers immediately after you receive them, but in some limited cases you may need to make a booking with the featured business (i.e. a restaurant or popular attractions). We encourage you to contact the Merchant and start arrangements once you purchase the voucher.

Can I give this Rotorua Tourist Attraction Voucher to another person as a gift?

Yes, you can give your Rotorua Tourist Attraction Voucher to whomever you want or use the gifting options to email or print it for a friend. Don't worry if your name is on the voucher you are gifting. Provided the unique identification number hasn't been previously used, the giftee won't have a problem redeeming it. However, if there is a problem redeeming the Voucher, you as the Customer will be the only person eligible to contact RTA or the Merchant to sort out any queries or problems.

Can I use the Voucher for alcohol?

Yes, if the voucher includes alcohol as part of the voucher deal. Vouchers sold with the inclusion of alcohol must be in accordance with the Merchant's liquor licence and in accordance with applicable laws.

What if I can only use the voucher after the expiry date?

If you can only use the voucher after the expiry date it is your responsibility to contact the Merchant and request an extension prior to the expiry date. If possible, the Merchant may at its sole discretion agree to this request or to transfer the value towards another product on offer.

Voucher Fine Print

1.Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash (except to the extent required by law).
2.All Vouchers will have a unique identification code AND OR QR code and can only be redeemed once by the holder of the Voucher.
3.The Voucher we provide to you is only redeemable in respect of the goods or services as advertised in the specific offering on the Website.
4.Vouchers cannot be combined with other offers, vouchers or promotions, unless otherwise specified by the Merchant.
5.The Voucher is your sole responsibility. Neither we nor the Merchant will be responsible for damaged, lost, unused or stolen Vouchers.
6.All transactions will be billed in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.
7.Vouchers are not permitted for resale.

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