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A Rotorua Christmas

  Christmas Gift Ideas and Experiences in Rotorua to Remember You know Christmas is getting close when you start measuring in sleeps. Well, I guess we are at that point - for the record, t

Local Rotorua Deals

  Discover Locals Only Deals in Rotorua Kia Ora Katoa. Welcome to this edition of our blog, ‘The Sulphur Times.’ In this edition we want to tell you all about what we have been doi

Relaxing Things to do in Rotorua

Relaxing Things to Do in Rotorua: Unwinding in Geothermal Eden   Welcome to this edition of 'The Sulphur Times.' Rotorua has a long history with massage and wellness spa treatments. Hot

Rotorua Experiences in Spring

  Rotorua Experiences in Spring You Don’t Want to Miss   Welcome to this month’s edition of 'The Sulphur Times.' Spring may be my favourite of all seasons. I have alrea

A Guide to Rotorua Travel for the Solo Adventurer

  A Guide to Rotorua Travel for the Solo Adventurer   Over the years I have met many solo adventurers visiting Rotorua, most without a vehicle, and to be honest, they always seem to make

10 Things to do in Rotorua with Family

  Top 10 Things to Do in Rotorua with Your Family   Welcome to this month's blog. 'Top 10 Things to do with your family in Rotorua.' It's actually pretty easy to list out o

Adrenaline Junkies Guide to Rotorua Attractions

  The Adrenaline-Junkie’s Guide to Rotorua Attractions   It’s a rather exciting blog post this round. Well, rather a post about exciting things to do in Rotorua! One of the gre

Rotorua Experiences and Events

  Mid-Year Fun: Rotorua Experiences and Events   Winter is one of the best times of the year to stay in Rotorua. The region is always buzzing with awesome winter activities, experiences,

Night Activities in Rotorua

  Embrace the Dark: Great Night Activities in Rotorua If you think there’s a lot to do during the day here in Rotorua, you’ll be amazed by Rotorua’s evening activities. From

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Children

  Rotorua Hotel Deals and Activities: The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Children   We’ve all heard it before. We all grew up chanting it to our parents: "Are we there yet?&q

Best Places to stay in Rotorua

  Travelling on a Budget: The Best Places to Stay in Rotorua Searching for the best places to stay on a budget? Look no further. As an industry provider, Rotorua Tourist Attractions has the exp

Best Places to eat in Rotorua

  Places to Eat in Rotorua: The Best Rotorua Dining Deals   I love food! Especially when someone else is cooking and doing the dishes. The restaurants in Rotorua are among the best places

Rotoruas Top Spa Destinations Guide

  Relaxing Your Mind & Body: A Guide to Rotorua’s Top Spa Destinations   As birthdays and anniversaries roll around each year, the reliable gift certificate is a go-to for anyone

Ultimate Guide to Rotoruas Best Hiking Spots

  Our Ultimate Guide to Rotorua’s Best Hiking Spots We grow up in New Zealand skipping across native forest creeks, smelling the damp undergrowth beneath the forest canopy. We look up fro

Rotorua’s Love Story

Rotorua is home to many attractions, much like the attraction of love between Hinemoa and Tutanekai. This Maori Cultural love story has been told by many and is still to this day one of our most

New Zealand Summer with Covid

Working in the hospitality industry there are a few things we take for granted here in Rotorua, like Kerosene creek overflowing with happy tourists, big red Tamaki buses going round and round the ro

Top 10 attractions in Rotorua